Pentoo (Keto Pichi Pichi) 2.54g Net Carbs


Pentoo is The Keto Hackery’s Keto hacked recipe of Pichi Pichi


Pentoo is The Keto Hackery’s hacked recipe of  Pichi Pichi. Yes! This is it na po! We have  KETO PICHI PICHI na!😃

Super yummy niya po! And yes you read it right its Low carb, Sugar free, safe for diabetic, gluten free,keto friendly.

Our Keto Pichi Pichi taste so good its a bit chewy, its not that chewy like the normal pichi pichi, but over all the taste is perfect you can still taste the flavor of cassava, this will satisfied your craving with pichi pichi!


Traditional Pichi-pichi is a Filipino dessert made of coconut and cassava or kamoteng kahoy, another delicious cake or “puto” enjoyed by many Filipino, especially in parties. This Filipino delicacy was introduced in Quezon province, Philippines.

Soft, chewy and coated with grated coconut or cheese, this steamed cake is delicious as a snack or dessert.”


Included Ingredients: APC All Purpose Cream, Coconut Milk, Shredded Coconut, Cheese – Queso, Erythritol, Coconut Flour, Butter, cassava flavoring, Psyllium Husk Whole, Almond Flour, Cheese – Quick Melt, Xantham Gum, Salt, Vanilla Flavoring, Stevia Extract Powder


Large Medium Single
Servings 16.00 8.00 1.00
grams Protein: 24.90 12.45 1.56
grams Fat: 130.30 65.15 8.14
Total grams Carbs: 108.90 54.45 6.81
grams Fiber: 32.30 16.15 2.02
Sugar Alcohol 35.90 17.95 2.24
Net grams Carbs: 40.70 20.35 2.54
kcal Calories: 1461.00 730.50 91.31

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Large, Medium, Small


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