Keto Leche Flan 7.8g net carbs


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Keto Leche Flan is superb! Omg mas masarap pa sa not keto na leche flan!😁😋

Super creamy hindi masyado eggy ang lasa  niya! You would want to eat the whole thing!😅

Good thing is this Keto Leche Flan is low carb, sugar free, diabetic friendly, keto approved!  unlike the not keto leche flan loaded with carbs and sugar,

1 leche flan weight 200grms and 4 serving

Ingredients: eggs, cream, allulose, erythritol, salt, vanilla, cream cheese

Large Medium Single
Servings 8 4 1
grams Protein: 9.9 5.0 1.2
grams Fat: 49.0 24.5 6.1
Total grams Carbs: 158.2 79.1 19.8
grams Fiber: 0.0 0.0 0.0
Sugar Alcohol 95.7 47.9 12.0
Net grams Carbs: 62.5 31.3 7.8
kcal Calories: 808.0 404.0 101.0


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