Keto Choco Crinkle 6.1g net carbs



Omg! I finally made it! 😅

This Keto Choco Crinkle version is really taste like the  regular Choco Crinkle!

mas masarap pa sa regular choco crinkles natin! Mas pinasarap because of the lindt dark chocolate!😋😋

This is so delicious! Just one serving will satisfied your cravings! 😋😋

Its low-carb, Sugar free, keto friendly, gluten free and diabetic friendly 

Ingredients: almond flour, coconut flour, lindt darck choco 85%, eryhtritol, vanilla, eggs, salt, cocoa, baking powder, butter.


Large Medium Single
Servings 12 6 1
grams Protein: 48.3 24.2 4.0
grams Fat: 16.1 8.1 1.3
Total grams Carbs: 252.1 126.1 21.0
grams Fiber: 35.3 17.7 2.9
Sugar Alcohol 143.5 71.8 12.0
Net grams Carbs: 73.3 36.7 6.1
kcal Calories: 933.0 466.5 77.8

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Large, Medium


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