Keto Brownies 3.7g net carbs


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Omg this keto brownies taste so delicious its added to my favorite now!😅😋 taste like not keto brownies.

This brownies is so tasty so moist rich and fugy  chocolatey brownie  over all is perfect! The taste is really like a normal brownies.

its also not too sweet the flavor is so perfect! Good thing is this is lowcarb, keto friendly, sugar free, gluten free amd diabetic friendly.

Ing. Almond flour, eggs, butter, sugar free chocolates chip, eryhtritol, baking powder, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, cocoa powder, lindt dark choco 85%


Large Medium Single
Servings 16 8 1
grams Protein: 46.3 23.2 2.9
grams Fat: 201.6 100.8 12.6
Total grams Carbs: 228.7 114.4 14.3
grams Fiber: 25.5 12.8 1.6
Sugar Alcohol 143.5 71.8 9.0
Net grams Carbs: 59.7 29.9 3.7
kcal Calories: 1087.0 543.5 67.9

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