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Hacking your bakery favorites into Keto masterpieces so that you can still eat healthy and enjoy your sweet tooth and traditional food cravings. We embrace the Keto way of eating.

The Keto Hackery origin story…

Julie’s Keto Cravings (later to become “The Keto Hackery”) was started in a necessity for low carb foods and a desire to have her own bakery.

Julie learned about the dangers of sugar, grain, processed foods and began her search for foods without these ingredients and soon discovered it was not an easy task. It seems every single product in the Philippines contains sugar. Have you ever looked? It’s crazy what they put sugar in!

From her love of baking and cooking, she decided to start making her own low carb foods, since it was difficult to find them.

When I first met Julie she mentioned that she wanted to have a bakery some day. At that time she had been working at a restaurant for 11 years and wanted to start her own business.

I encouraged her to start her business and to focus on Keto products because there was obviously a need for someone that provided those products.

From that, The Keto Hackery was born.

Julie loves to cook and loves to hack traditional recipes into Keto variants. All of her ingredients are sourced locally from local wholesalers. Only Keto/Low Carb ingredients are used in her creations.

Julie takes immense pride in her creations and strives to bring you only the best quality products. I have seen her almost in tears because Mr. Speedy delivered a product to her customer that had been dropped and looked awful. I could see her heart was broken that her customer had not received the food in it’s best condition. She really cares about her foods and she will strive to do her best to give you her best.

If you are looking for #lowcarb , #sugarfree , #grainfree , #healthyeats and #healthyfoods . You have definitely found at least one source.

If there is something you are craving and she doesn’t have it in her menu. Send her message and ask if she would be willing and able to Hack it into a Keto friendly dish. I know that if she can, she will.

If you like The Keto Hackery, please share with everyone so that she can continue to offer her healthy foods. This is her passion and she loves to cook and bake.

If you are not familiar with Ketosis and how it can benefit you. I encourage you to look into it today. It could save your life (literally). It did mine.

Written by ~ Gary Morris

1357 f. Andres St.
Rosario, Pasig City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1609

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